Introducing Supergut: Gut-Balancing Resistant Starch Products from the Founder of Muniq

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I founded Muniq two years ago in the memory of my sister, Monica, to empower people with better control of their health. Our audacious goal was to prove that it really was possible to use food — specifically gut-balancing resistant starch — to help transform your health and life.

Since then we’ve helped thousands of people make significant improvements in their health, many of whom previously struggled for years trying to get their blood sugar and weight under control. It has been my greatest honor to support so many on their journey for better health.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work conducting a rigorous gold-standard clinical trial to scientifically show just how impactful our gut-balancing products can be. The breakthrough results from our trial validate that not only is our resistant starch fiber blend effective at improving metabolic health and reducing blood sugar levels, but also at improving important areas of quality-of-life and overall wellness, including sleep, energy, digestion, mood and immune health.

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These scientifically-validated results shed additional light on the vast potential of the gut microbiome. It’s clear that millions of others can benefit from what we offer regardless of where they are on their health journeys. For our next phase as a company we’re taking the heart, soul and science behind Muniq and bringing it to the masses with a goal of improving public health at large.

Whether you want to rev up your metabolism and gut health, completely transform your health over time, or if you just want a delicious snack that puts real nutrition back into your body, we have gut-balancing products that produce real health results that you can both feel and measure.

I am so excited to share with you that Muniq is now officially Supergut!

All the same groundbreaking, clinically-validated and tasty products packed with our proprietary resistant starch fiber blend to strengthen your gut and boost your metabolism now have an exciting new look and feel. We are here to help everyone reclaim and sustain great control of their bodies.

Welcome to Supergut. This is your movement. Let’s make change happen.

Discover all the clinically-validated, gut-balancing benefits of Supergut products including our Shakes, Bars, and add-to-anything Fiber Mix.

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Author Bio: Marc Washington

Marc Washington, Supergut Founder & CEO


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