6 Easy Ways to Get the Best Results When Getting Started with Supergut

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So you’ve just made a great decision for your health in making Supergut part of your daily life. Congratulations! But you may be wondering exactly what to do to get the very most out of your daily Supergut shakes to maximize your health benefits, including helping lower A1c, fasting blood sugar, and much more. 

We’ve gathered a few insider tips from thousands of Supergut customers who have achieved great results with Supergut, and we’re happy to share this helpful guidance with you as you embark on your personal Supergut journey.

Although everyone’s situation is unique and there are many ways you can customize Supergut to easily fit into your personal routine, here are our top recommended tips to enjoy all of the benefits Supergut offers, plus a few things to avoid for maximum success. 

3 Things to Do When Starting Your Supergut Journey

1. Drink Supergut Daily

Creating small habits can go a long way. Building these small, consistent habits is scientifically proven to lead to bigger results down the road. And the most effective small habits — like committing to one shake a day — are those that can be easily incorporated into your everyday routine. 

To see the powerful results that Supergut can bring to your health, you’ve got to be consistent with it. Supergut works by building up a strong gut microbiome — which means that if you’re not regularly drinking your shake, those ‘good guys’ in your gut can’t perform the important tasks they need to…like balancing blood sugar and boosting energy.

Drinking your shake daily is THE #1 most important thing you should do to create and maintain a healthy gut which can be the path to life-changing health benefits like lower A1C, fasting blood sugar, and more.

And if you happen to miss a day here or there, no big deal! Just get back into your new healthy daily routine and those great results will surely come.


2. Replace a Meal With Supergut

Supergut was meticulously created to serve as a satiating and satisfying meal replacement. We’ve designed Supergut this way to provide critically important nutrients that are largely missing from the standard American diet, specifically the prebiotic resistant starch fibers that work to improve your gut health.

Because Supergut is loaded with prebiotic resistant starch that slows down digestion and feeds the gut, it’s very effective at keeping you feeling full for up to 4 hours.

Additionally we’ve included healthy proteins, fats, and 26 vitamins and minerals, all with a goal of satisfying your hunger to avoid unhealthy eating and snacking, providing you with complete balanced nutrition, and helping you lose weight. 

This is part of the Supergut magic — it allows you to lower your caloric intake, minimize the need to snack between meals, and reduce those annoying cravings. And it really helps to improve blood sugar spikes and crashes. Plus, Supergut is a truly convenient portable meal even if you blend it at home and take it with you! 

3. Start Slow with Just Water (or unsweetened plant-based milk) and Ice

We know you’re so excited to try out all of the different and delicious recipes you can make with Supergut. But try to hold off on the creativity for a bit. At first, it’s ideal to just mix Supergut with ice and water or unsweetened plant-based milk.

Why? Cow’s milk, sweetened dairy alternatives, and fruit are often packed with natural or added hidden sugars that can actually work against you. 

Once you’ve experienced positive results or if mixing things up truly helps you maintain a daily shake habit, you can start experimenting with adding low-glycemic fruits like berries and/or healthy fats like avocado or peanut butter powder. 

And remember that it’s also important to start with just ½ serving of Supergut for the first few days, as your body adjusts to the healthy prebiotic fiber. Once your body adjusts (usually after a few days), you should ramp up to a full serving of Supergut after the adjustment period. 

3 Things to Avoid When Starting with Supergut

1. Don’t Mix with Cow’s Milk

If you’re looking to improve your body’s ability to control your blood sugar, then dairy is likely a big no-no. It may come as a surprise to learn that all types of cow’s milk are full of natural sugars that can counteract the results you’re trying to achieve with Supergut — it can really limit your progress to improving your blood sugar. 

So remember to mix Supergut with just ice and water or plant-based milk at first. This way, you can be sure to experience the best results and see how effective Supergut can be for you.

2. Don’t Add High-Sugar Ingredients (Yes, that includes some fruits!)

If your Supergut goals include supporting healthier blood sugar levels, be sure to stay away from adding things to your shakes that will increase the sugar content of your shakes.

If you’re dealing with blood sugar control issues, it is probably wise to avoid fruit with high sugar content. Different fruits affect some people differently, but the safest approach – especially when just getting started with Supergut – is to avoid fruits with high glycemic index. 

A few examples of high sugar fruits to avoid:

  • Cherries
  • Ripe bananas
  • Mangoes
  • Passionfruit
  • Persimmons
  • Oranges
  • Plums

After you’ve gotten your Supergut routine going with water or unsweetened plant milk, try using the glycemic index as a starting point to discover low-sugar fruit and other ingredients to add to your shakes. Just make sure to do this in moderation — the last thing you want is to take a step backward with your progress by adding too much sugar by way of too much fruit. 

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3. Don’t Give Up!

Stick with it! Supergut works by building strong gut health which can lead to healthier A1c levels, but this doesn’t happen overnight. On average, it takes 3 months of consistent use before you will see the results you’re looking for.

So don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate changes. Many Supergut customers felt impatient at first when they didn’t see immediate results, but were so happy that they stuck with it and eventually achieved life-changing improvements in their health after a few months.

So remember, everyone’s Supergut journey is going to look different. Just maintain your shake-a-day habit and vibrant health will be within your grasp.

Remember, Small Daily Habits = Big Results

You’re underway with Supergut  and we couldn’t be more excited for you. We recommend keeping these tips in mind to enjoy your Supergut Life, and even bookmarking this page in your browser so you can reference it whenever you need it. Your first few weeks of your Supergut journey are so important for setting the stage and creating your daily shake habit that will likely lead to big results down the road. 

And make sure to take advantage of the Supergut Lifers Community…there are literally thousands of Supergut customers just like you supporting each other, providing advice and tips, and taking control of their own health. Hope to see you there! Welcome to the Supergut Life!


  • At Supergut, we're committed to help you balance your gut and optimize your metabolism, wherever you are in your quest for better health.

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Author Bio: Supergut Team

At Supergut, we're committed to help you balance your gut and optimize your metabolism, wherever you are in your quest for better health.


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